Friday, January 30, 2009

Could I be that lucky?

Okay, so I must admit that I G.oogle everything...yes, I'm addicted. I can't help it! I'm just always so amazed at what you can find out there in cyberspace.

Anywho, I just G.oogled in Eth.yl O.leate and found out that it's apparently the easiest proges.terone supplement out there to use, and that I can use a 25g needle to administer instead of the 22g. Sooo, I just left a message with our RN to see if she can call our pharmacy to change the order. I'm also going to ask her about EML.A Cream, which is a topical anesthetic I can use to numb the injection site beforehand. Has anyone had any experience with either one of these? I'm ready, willing and able to do anything I can to lessen the fear (and pain) I'm having over getting these darn shots!!

We're on our way!!

Well, I just ordered my meds for our IVF cycle! Here's the run-down of what we're getting...

For Me:
Medrol 16mg
Doxycycline 100mg
Ovidrel 250mcg
Follistim AQ 900iu
Low Dose hCG 10iu/0.15mls
Ganirelix 250 mcg/0.5ml
Progesterone in Ethyl Oleate 50 mg/ml
.5cc Insulin syringes x 10
22g 1" 3cc syringe & needle x 20

For Hubby:
Doxycycline 100mg

Hmmm, seems a little one-sided, doesn't it?

I was actually able to lessen some of the amounts that they had on my original script because my friend gave me all of her leftover meds from her last IVF, so generous! And it just happened to be the most expensive stuff, the Follistim, that's $150 a pop, with insurance!! I honestly feel for those out there that don't have insurance coverage, and I get down on my knees and thank God that we do! And on an even better note, I was able to down-grade the 22g needles that I'll be using for the PIO shots. Instead of the 1.5", the nurse said she'd change it to the 1"! I know, I know, it's only a half an inch, but that's half an inch that I won't have to stick in my bum and that makes all the difference to someone who's absolutley terrified of needles!! The BD fines on the Follistim, Ovidrel, hCG and Ganirelix are nothing compared to these suckers! Thank you God for giving me the strength to do this!

Lastly, I've also been tagged a few times by you lovelies, and have lots of other catching up to do, but it will have to wait. I promise a real update this weekend!

Love you guys!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tears and hope...

I know I owe you all a "real" post, but work has been literally kicking my butt the past two weeks, and my whole family (and all our friends) have managed to get that nasty stomach bug that's going around. BLECH!!!

Anyway, I came across this video this past weekend and knew it was one I had to share! If you've got a few spare moments to watch, it's totally worth it! I'm praying with everything I have that for many of us, our arms won't be empty too much longer...

Tears and Hope Video

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Answered email...

First, thanks for all the prayers, thoughts and hugs from my post yesterday. You ladies are the best, and definitely help me keep my sanity while navigating the IF road!

So my RN has finally gotten around to answering the email I sent her yesterday morning explaining about the delay in getting my period. I go in tomorrow morning for a cycle-status check, which means bloodwork and an ultrasound. The bloodwork is to check hormone levels (to see where I'm at in my cycle) and the ultrasound is to check for any active cysts (producing hormone) that may be delaying the cycle (or corpus luteum that would show I've already ovulated). If my cycle is being delayed by a cyst, then they'll give me a shot of Ovidrel and my period should show up within two weeks. If it shows I've already ovulated then we wait. I'm really, really praying that it's not delayed due to a cyst. There were a few small ones spotted during my last cycle, so I'm praying that they haven't grown. But either way, it's out of my hands. He is in control and will carry me through whatever it turns out to be...

Is there anyone out there who's dealt with a similar situation?

Monday, January 12, 2009

Confusion sets in...

Not only am I wondering how on earth it can already be Monday again, I am wondering just when my period is going to decide to show up this month. I'm usually a solid 28 dayer, but now that it's CD32, I'm really scratching my head. I took a pregnancy test yesterday morning (knowing full well that I'm not pregnant) and am just waiting to hear back from our nurse to see what our next steps should be. When A & I had our follow-up with the Dr. last week, he said that if I hadn't started by Monday to let them know. I'm guessing they'll probably want me to come in for b/w and possibly prescribe Pro.metruim to get things moving. Why it is that the minute we decide to move onto the next step, the crazy redhead decides not to show up? It's just beyond frustrating!!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Looking for a little more inspiration?

I'm in awe of this man...her even quotes my favorite verse from Jeremiah. If you can devote a few minutes to watch him at work, please do (sorry about the subtitles).

"Circumstances do not have to change for you to become victorious, it's our heart that needs to be filled with the Holy Spirit."
~Nick Vujicic~

The strength to get back up...

I received an email from a very dear friend of mine this morning. Shannon (in yellow below) and I have been friends for over four years. We met through another couple and our "crew" became thick as thieves.

I've watched all these ladies get married, struggle through miscarriages, struggle with getting pregnant and celebrate the birth of each of their beautiful children. It's been an awesome experience and one I'm most humbled to be a part of. Shannon and her husband are now expecting their second child in July, and A and I truly couldn't be happier for them.

Anyway, back to my reason for posting...she sent me this email and as I was watching it through tears at my desk, I just knew I had to share it. What a connection it has to my first post of 2009! I really can't put into words what watching it does for me, but I'm hoping it does the same for you all out there who are struggling to navigate your own bumpy roads....take a look...

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Welcoming 2009 & letting hope in...

Welcome 2009! Really, I can't believe that the whole hubbub of the holiday season is over. Weren't we (me!) just all complaining about how hot it was, and going on and on about looking forward to cooler temps, and dare I say it....snow? Wasn't it just Halloween? It seems like time passes by so fast, and before we know it, we'll be welcoming Spring.

I can honestly say that I was more than happy to usher out 2008 and welcome in the new year! Even with all the heartache and disappointments of last year, there is a part of me that still holds out hope for so many things in 2009. And not just baby hope, but hope that God will continue to watch over my family, will continue to strengthen my marriage...hope that He'll continue to lead me down the path He has planned for me. In order for that hope to be my driving force, it's important for me to let the past be exactly what it is, the past. After all, I can't change what's happened, I can only learn from it and move on. But still, it's hard. The past creeps in when we're feeling vulnerable, it makes us second guess ourselves and our decisions. It's like the elephant in the corner, but I'm breaking free! Starting fresh! I can't promise that it will always be puppy dogs and rainbows. After all, that's not reality. But I can promise that I'll try. And with God by my side, how could I do anything but succeed?

Here's hoping that 2009 brings nothing but health and happiness to us all!